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Top Trends for Cats in 2020


Top trends for cats in 2020

While we can’t predict whether we’ll get the heatwave we deserve this summer (pretty please) or if you’ll land the new job you’ve been longing for (fingers crossed), one thing we do know for sure is that 2020 is set to be an exciting year for our cats! Just like the fast paced fashion industry, trends change for our feline friends too. From pet care to the latest technology and the toys our cats will definitely love, here’s everything you need to know about what 2020 has in store.

Sustainable pet care products

Sustainability is at the forefront of almost every industry at present, so it isn’t surprising that cat owners are trying to reduce their impact on the environment too. With this in mind, pet care companies are attempting to tackle the issue of sustainability by offering a wider range of sustainable products, as well as establishing relationships with retailers and recycling companies in order to help with recycling schemes. Everything from fully recyclable packaging to eco-friendly cat litter ensures that as consumers, we can do our bit to help the environment.

Catswall Design Modular Cat Wall (5ft)

Indoor meets outdoor

More and more owners are choosing an indoor lifestyle for their cats, which is made easier, thanks to the array of products which mimic the great outdoors, all of which perfectly complement their home’s décor. Cat walls afford the opportunity for climbing, yet given their stylish nature, they won’t look out of place. From simple cat towers to dramatic cat walls, the option to customise means there is something for everyone, from small city apartments, to family homes alike. Check out our selection of cat walls here.

Cats eating raw food from Catswall Design Multi-Cat Feeder

A focus on good quality food

As cats are (rightly) members of the family, more and more pet parents are seeking good quality cat food of the highest standards possible. In fact, Mintel research shows that more than three quarters (76%) of pet food buyers in the UK agree that actively looking after pets’ digestive health is essential for their overall health. With this in mind, premium pet food is on the rise for 2020. Owners are seeking cat food with all-natural ingredients, high protein content, qualities for good dental health and shiny fur. As well as taking the time to source premium brands, more people are choosing local fresh pet food companies which deliver customised cat food straight to their door each week.

Playlists for pets

Worried about leaving your cat at home alone? Thanks to Spotify, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your feline friend is being entertained thanks to a pawfect playlist. In recognising the special relationship between cat and owner, Spotify has ensured we can make our cats happy in our absence. 71% of pet owners have played music for their pets and 8 in 10 owners believe their pets like music. In just a few simple steps, you can create a playlist your cat will love. Simply start by specifying what type of pet you own. Next, determine where they lie on a scale of relaxed to energetic, choose whether they are shy or friendly and whether they are apathetic or curious. Finally, add their name and upload a photo and Spotify will use this algorithm to create the perfect playlist for your cat.

Smart technology

As humans, technology plays a huge role in our day-to-day lives, so it was only a matter of time before its presence was felt in the cat industry. From apps which monitor your cat’s whereabouts, to ones which offer the ability to dispense treats from the push of a button, cat owners are discovering the wonder of technology, particularly in helping understand their cats’ health and wellbeing.

Popular options for 2020 include ‘Treat cams’. When away from the home, these allow owners to speak to speak to their cat and even dispense a treat. And thanks to features such as wide-angle cameras and night vision, you actually have the ability to watch what they’re getting up to in your absence.

Another one to watch out for this year, toys are set to get more creative for 2020, with laser options offering cats hours of endless fun. For example, Frolicat Bolt is a robotic toy designed to keep your cat active. Either place in your hand or on a flat surface and watch your cat go crazy as he or she tries to catch the ever-moving laser that it emits. These are perfect for curious cats or simply those that could do with a little more exercise.

Finally, microchip cat flaps are on the rise. If your work sees you away from home for much of the day, these on-trend tech cat flaps allow your cat to come and go at their will and can be set so that they only open for their microchip. Many options today mean that you can control the flap from your phone, with push notifications sent to you to let you know when your cat leaves and arrives back at home for peace of mind.

Catswall Design Catwheel II Cat Exercise Wheel

Active felines

Recognising that cats need exercise not only for vitality but to alleviate boredom, cat wheels are big news for 2020. These structures offer hours of endless fun, while keeping your cat fit and healthy. What we love the most about cat wheels is that given their structural form, they could easily be mistaken for a contemporary piece of art in your home. Plus, as these are linear and afford the ability to be placed anywhere, such as up against a wall, they take up a lot less space than you might think. Check out our range of cat wheels online here.

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