Catswall Design Small Curvynest

Catswall Design Small Curvynest


Curvynest redefines traditional cat tree design. The fluid curved lines of the wooden frame fits cat bodies perfectly. It’s a purrfect place for cats to rest and enjoy some private space. Curvynest’s elastic structure design allows it to withstand many cats at once. Curvynest's spring like structure creates a subtle bouncing effects, which feels very much like a cradle.

The idea for Curvynest came from the concept of “piled tunnels” where cats can rest and interact while feeling safe in their own space. Uniquely designed with elegant curves, Curvynest adds style to your cats’ living space.


The Curvynest's PVC fabric covering is hard wearing and easy to wipe clean which means it will stay looking it's best for many years to come.

  • Materials: MDF board, PVC woven fabric
    Dimensions:  49cm L x 45cm W x 56cm H 

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