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Catswall Design Spiral Cat Staircase

Catswall Design Spiral Cat Staircase

Introducing the Spiral Cat Staircase from Catswall Design.


This beautifully crafted wooden staircase provides a unique play area for your cat and creates an attractive focal point in your home. The staircase features birch plywood steps with an aluminium trim which enable your cat to climb, play and explore at varying heights.


The ergonomically spaced steps allow both older cats and kittens to traverse the staircase with ease.


Ideal for catifying your living space, cat room or catio, the spiral cat staircase provides additional perches and grants your cat access to wall shelves and tops of bookcases. You can also team it with the Catswall Modular Cat Wall for alternative access routes to the wall boxes.


The Spiral Cat Staircase incorporates a stainless steel support pillar for stability and the base posts are wrapped in jute rope to satisfy your cat's scratching requirements. Sixteen birch plywood steps spiral up to a total height of 210 cm to give your cat a bird's eye view of their surroundings. The staircase is firmly secured in place via wall fixings at the top of the pillar.

Materials: Birch plywood, aluminium alloy, jute rope, stainless steel


Height: 210 cm

Diameter (assembled): 70cm

Base: 60 x 60 cm

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