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Bengal cat with luxury Catswall Design orange raised cat bowl

Catswall Design Multi-Cat Raised Feeder (2 bowl)


The award winning Catswall Design Multi-Cat Raised Feeder is both elegant and functional in design.


The elevated stand provides a more comfortable feeding position especially for elderly cats.

The bowls are evenly spaced to enable cats to eat side by side without causing food aggression. The raised cat-shaped handle makes it easy to pick up and carry the feeder without bending too low.


The stainless steel bowls are hygienic and easily removed for filling and cleaning.

The stand features an anti-ants water resrvoir to deter pests getting into your pet's food - excellent for hotter climates.


Available in five colours: orange, purple, blue, lime green and pink

Materials: ABS plastic, 304 stainless steel

base diameter: 18.5cm/ 7- 9/32”
total height: 28.5cm/ 11- 7/32”
bowl rack height: 13cm/ 5- 1/8”
bowl: 12.4cm/ 4- 7/8” dia. X 4.1cm / 1- 5/8” H

£49.99 Regular Price
£40.00Sale Price

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