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MYZOO Spaceship Alpha (Black) Cat Bed

MYZOO Spaceship Alpha (Black) Cat Bed


We are now taking pre-orders for the Spaceship Alpha (Black), place your order by 31st May 2024 for an expected delivery date of late August / early September 2024.


These will be made to order, production will begin once we've reached a minimum of 20 pre-orders. Production will take approx 1.5 months, plus 1 month for sea shipping to the UK. The Spaceship Gamma is also available to pre-order in all colours, so be sure to add them to your order to include them in this shipment.


Introducing the the Spaceship Alpha cat bed from MyZoo.

Several years of design, testing and research have culminated in the Spaceship Series - consisting of the Alpha, Beta and Gamma cat beds.


Designed in the shape of a space capsule the Spaceship Alpha provides a larger space for your cat to stretch out and sleep

Every aspect has been thoughtfully designed for both style and function;
- the transparent acrylic bubble provides a secure enclosed environment whilst allowing your cat a panoramic view of her surroundings
- the four air holes on the body allow air circulation to maintain a comfortable temperature

For a truly out of this world napping experience you need look no further than the MyZoo Spaceship Alpha

Diameter 65 x 42 x 42 cm
Diameter of Entrance: 22cm
Weight 15kg


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