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Neko Flies / Pet Ki Birbug Cat Toy Attachment

Neko Flies / Pet Ki Birbug Cat Toy Attachment


Cat owners know how much cats enjoy chasing winged bugs and creepy crawlies. The Birbug cat wand attachment was made to meet cats natural instinct to stalk and chase winged insects.


Your cat will love the shape and feel of the crinkly wings and the toy is tough enough to take your cat's bites and clawing as it is chased around the house. The aerodynamic wings allows the birbug to glide mimicing the real life motion of bugs


The Birbug has eye catching, shimmering irridescent wings and a robust body


Features a 41" long braided string with a swivel clip for easy attachment to the rod


Made from durable synthetic materials (vegan friendly)


Pack includes one toy (wand available separately)

  • Made from durable synthetic material (vegan friendly)
  • Includes one toy attachment
  • Stimulates cats natural hunting instinct

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