Profeline DonutComet Wool Cat Donut Toy

Profeline DonutComet Wool Cat Donut Toy


Satisfy your cat's sweet tooth with the felted wool DonutComet cat toy from Profeline Cat Toys.


This hand felted donut cat toy is made from 100% pure wool dyed with harmless natural dyes. Felted only with water and soap, then dried in the sun.

The round DonutComet with its firmly felted ring and fun comet tail made of wool fringes makes an excellent one of kind addition to your cat's toy collection. The donut's central hole  allows for easy grip and it's sturdy construction means your cat can wrestle with it to their heart's content.  The donut's wool tail provides added intrigue.


Cats love the smell of natural wool - the DonutComet cat toy is a high-quality product which will provide your cat with long lasting enjoyment. It is part of Profeline's Pure Wool collection - manufactured exclusively in Kathmandu (Nepal) by a Fair Trade Company.

What is wet felting?


Only soap and water are used for wet felting. Raw wool is soaked in warm soapy water which causes the cuticles of the wool strands to swell. The wool is pulled through the soapy water by hand, pressed and shaped. The movement in the warm water cause the cuticles of the individual wool fibres to bind together so that a firm felt gradually develops.

Measures approx 20cm in total length



Ring measured 9cm in length x 3cm in depth


Each ring is individual in size and shape


Pack includes one toy.

      • Natural wool stand alone cat toy for kicking and chewing
      • Supports a Fair Trade project in Kathmandu
      • Made in the Kathmandu


    • UK postage is £1.75