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Profeline Felted Wool Cat Teaser

Profeline Felted Wool Cat Teaser


Spark joyful playtime for both you and your cat with this high-quality natural wool cat wand!


The Profeline Felted Wool Cat Teaser is hand crafted exclusively in Kathmandu (Nepal) from 100% natural materials by our partner - a Fair Trade Company. It is hand felted using only water and soap, and dried in the sun.


It features a 100% natural wool, hand felted octopus with 8 legs at the end of a sturdy felted wool cord, this is attached to a thick, robust wooden rod.


The funny, swinging legs of the octopus will entice your kitty to chase, catch and bite them.

Pawsitively Soft & Safe: Cats love the smell of natural wool. The natural wool material is gentle on your cat's paws and teeth, making it completely safe for playful swats and bites.


Sturdy Fun for Both: The robust wooden rod ensures long-lasting entertainment, while its comfortable grip lets you engage in delightful interactive play with your furry companion.


Bonding Through Play: The felt cord is the ideal length to encourage close interaction and active play with your cat, strengthening your special bond whilst maintaining a safe distance from their claws. This makes it perfect for children to safely play with energetic kittens whilst preventing scratches.


Comfort in Every Play: The smooth wooden handle sits effortlessly in your hand, ensuring comfortable playtime sessions for both you and your feline friend.



The felt cord and octopus measure approx. 110 cm in length
The wooden rod measures 25 cm in length

Each Felted Teaser is unique and individual in shape and length of the felt band.


Pack includes one toy.


What is wet felting?

Transforming wool with water and magic! That's the essence of wet felting, a technique where only soap and warm water come together to create felt. The warmth makes the wool fibers plump up and bloom, revealing hidden scales. As the wool is gently pressed, pulled, and swirled in the soapy water, these scales interlock and intertwine. It's like a dance, where each movement strengthens the bond between the fibers, gradually forming a beautiful, dense felt, ready to be crafted into anything you can imagine!

  • Felted wool cat wand toy
  • Handmade from 100 % natural wool
  • Cord measures including octopus measures approx. 110 cm
  • Wooden handle / wand measures 25 cm
  • Made in Kathmandu (Nepal)
  • With your purchase you support a fair trade project in Nepal - Kathmandu

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