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Profeline Merino Huggy Sheepskin Cat Kicker Toy

Profeline Merino Huggy Sheepskin Cat Kicker Toy


Introducing the Profeline Merino Huggy - the purrfect cuddle & play cat kicker toy


Looking for a sturdy cat kicker toy to satisfy your cat's wrestling and cuddling needs? Look no further than the Profeline Merino Huggy!


This extra large natural lambskin cat kicker is a superb stand alone cat toy designed to give your kitty hours of crazy kicking and hugging fun.


It's extra large size is ideal for larger cat breeds like Maine Coons or Norwegian Forest Cats and cats that love to bunny kick as it's long enough to be gripped with all four paws and wide enough for a satisfying hug.


This enticing cat kicker is crafted from 100% luxurious Merino lambskin, soft enough for your kitty to nuzzle and knead. But the fun doesn't stop there!


Inside, a potent blend of French catnip and valerian root entices your cat with irresistible scents encouraging them to snuggle, bat and pounce. The natural rustling sound adds an extra level of excitement to playtime.


Forget flimsy cat toys that fall apart easily. The Merino Huggy is built to withstand enthusiastic play. The high-quality lambskin is professionally sewn, not glued, for long-lasting durability and is free from synthetic fibers, making it safe for your cat to lick, nibble, and swat.


Colour - Natural cream / white

Meaures approximately 26 cm long x 9 cm wide

Filled with 20g of catnip and valerian.


Securely sealed in airtight packaging for freshness.


Get your cat the Profeline Merino Huggy today and let good times roll!

  • 100% Genuine merino lambskin cat kicker toy
  • Premium French catnip and valerian root filling (20g)
  • Professional stitching for long-lasting durability
  • Measures approx 26 cm long by 9 cm wide
  • Made in Germany

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