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Profeline Organic Cotton Snuggle Cloud

Profeline Organic Cotton Snuggle Cloud


The Profeline Organic Cotton Snuggle Cloud is a superb stand alone cat toy for your kitty designed to give hours and hours of crazy kicking and hugging fun.


Made with 100% organic cotton plush produced without toxic or non-degradeable pesticides.

Filled with polyester hollow fibre and a special blend of catnip and valerian. Everything about this toy is geared up for your cat's total enjoyment.


Your cat won't be able to resist the intoxicating scent of the catnip & valerian and the dangling ribbons adds extra interest.


Colour - White.

Meaures approx 17 cm in length x 11 cm in height x 4 cm in depth plus cotton ribbons.


Pack includes one toy.

    • Organic cotton fleece cat toy pillow for individual play
    • Measures approx 17 cm
    • Catnip and valerian herb filling to drive your cat insane
    • Made in the Germany



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