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Profeline Woolly Snake Cat Toy

Profeline Woolly Snake Cat Toy


If your cat is feeling brave and is ready to take on bigger prey, look no further than the Woolly Snake Felted Wool cat toy.

With a length of 120 cm, this extra large felted wool snake cat toy presents a real challenge for your cat. It makes an excellent cat toy for solo play and cats with large paws will appreciate it's size. Once grasped the tail of the snake will twist and coil as your cat wrestles with it. Cats love the scent of natural wool, your cat will enjoy kicking, wrestling and biting the Woolly Snake cat toy.


The Woolly Snake is lovingly hand crafted from 100 % wool which is soap felted and sun dried.


The snake is dyed with safe natural dyes which are are fully digestible.


The high-quality felt is very robust and extra firmly felted to withstand your cat playing with it.

Made exclusively in Kathmandu (Nepal) by our partner - a Fair Trade company.


Each snake is unique and individual in colour and shape.


Length approx. 120 cm,
Body diameter approx. 3 cm


Pack includes one toy

  • Fair trade natural felted wool snake cat toy
  • Hand felted from 100 % wool
  • Measures 120 cm in length
  • Made in Nepal, Kathmandu

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