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Purrs Wild Hare Mouse Attachment with Silvervine

Purrs Wild Hare Mouse Attachment with Silvervine

SKU: PSM15006

Genuine wild hare fur mouse toy attachment for the Flying Frenzy, Purrsuit or Da Bird wand.


Infused with potent natural Silvervine - an alternative to catnip which has a similar intoxicating effect on cats.



Silvervine  (Actinidia polygama) is a climbing plant found in mountainous regions of Japan and China. In Japan it is known as "Matatabi" or "Japanese Catnip". Widely used in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine, silvervine is also known to produce a euphoric response in cats similar to the catnip response only more intense.



Silvervine is a great alternative for cats that don't respond to catnip. Cats are known to respond to the fruit, leaves, buds and stems of silvervine - in particular silvervine powder made from ground dried fruit galls. Typical behaviours include rolling, cheek rubbing, licking and drooling. The effect tends to last from 5 to 30 minutes.


Bring out the natural hunter in your cat, your cat will love chasing and pouncing on this natural hare fur mouse toy.


Measures approx 10cm in length.


Pack includes one toy.

  • Natural hare fur mouse toy attachment for Flying Frenzy, Purrs or Da Bird wands
  • Contains silvervine herb
  • Stimulates cats natural hunting instinct
  • Made in the UK

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