Purrsuit Wand Cat Toy (Short)

Purrsuit Wand Cat Toy (Short)

SKU: PSM5004

Engage your cat in a stimulating work out session with the Purrsuit wand cat toy. The feather attachment mimics the flying action of a bird and stimulates your cat's natural hunting instinct. This is a great interactive toy for use in play therapy for behaviour issues and combatting weight issues.


The feather attachment is interchangeable with other toys in the Da Bird, Purrs and Frenzy ranges to provide a wide variety of play and long term interest.

The feather attachment is made with two pheasant flight feathers which spin in flight, two natural pheasant flank feathers and a coloured Turkey marabou feather. The feathers are firmly secured to prevent them falling out. Connects to the rod via ring easily. 


This is a more compact 19" rod made of flexible fibreglass with a rubber sheath.

      • Single flexible 19" short rod
      • Includes one feather attachment
      • Interchangeable toy clip
      • Made in the UK


    • UK postage is £2.95