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Pamper Your Cat for Happy Cat Month

Updated: Sep 26, 2019


September marks ‘Happy Cat Month,’ and indulging our kitties with yummy treats and new toys will be sure to keep them happy and occupied. In honour of this month and to help you show your appreciation for them, we’re rounding up some best alternative ideas to treat your cat.

Gifting your furry friend a new Smartcat collar will have them looking stylish, as well as ensuring their safety as each collar features a safety release buckle which releases to free your cat in case they get it snagged on something.

A fun gift idea for a younger, or more playful cat is an interactive cat wand with a mouse toy attachment to keep them entertained throughout the day. The wand allows you to put movement into the toy to trigger your cat's natural hunting instinct even older cats won't be able to resist!

For the cat who likes to lounge around the house, consider installing a cat shelf - our feline friends love to hang out in places with high vantage points. The Cosy and Dozy cat wall mounted cat shelf provides a super comfy resting place for your cat that also looks stylish in your home. Available in a selection of wood finishes and with a removable cushion and cushion cover it allows up to 2 cats to sleep together.

Since keeping cats content can be a tricky task, why not make them a homemade personal cake? They’ll be purring with joy when they smell the tasty treat made just for them. You can see the guide below for cat-friendly ingredients and how to make a meaty cake filled with chicken or turkey.

For more gift ideas, our friends at Sainsbury’s Bank have created a fun guide to pampering pets that’s full of pet present ideas and ways to make our feline friends feel appreciated.

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