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Why Your Cat Exercising Is the Purr-fect New Year’s Resolution

Updated: Oct 2, 2022


2020 has arrived and for us humans the new year resolutions are in full swing. Up there with eating better and spending more time with our loved ones is exercising more. While getting more active is something we should probably all get on board with, have you ever considered if your cat is getting enough exercise too?

More and more pet owners are choosing to keep their cats indoors and we can’t say we’re surprised. With the worry of traffic accidents, cats going wandering, threats from other pets or even theft, it can be a comfort to decide to own an indoor cat. While this can be reassuring for the owner, it does come with a worry about activity levels. Indoor cats tend to be less active and so, it is your responsibility to ensure your cat gets enough exercise every day. This will ensure your cat remains healthy and doesn’t become bored. Thankfully, this is a lot easier than it sounds.

Here, we share three easy ways to ensure your cat remains active in your home.

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Cat Climbing Walls

To really ensure your cat gets an abundance of exercise, cat walls are a winner. These work particularly well if you have more than one cat, but nonetheless, a solo feline will still get involved. If you have a space that’s just for your cat(s), a few simple modifications will really make it their own. Turn a blank canvas into your cat’s personal playground, where they are guaranteed to spend hours each day. A combination of shelves, platforms, stairs and boxes afford various vantage points that your cat can climb and jump to. As well as playing here, cats spend a lot of time in the various nooks and crannies, sleeping and watching the world go by.

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Cat Trees

An essential and easy way to keep your cat active everyday is by purchasing a cat tree. These afford the ability to jump and climb, but they are also a perfect place for cats to perch and rest throughout the day. Cats love height, especially when they can look over their territory and survey their surroundings. It also gives them the opportunity to seek solace if your household is busy or noisy.

When choosing a cat tree, opt for one which best suits your surroundings. This will depend on the style of your home and how much space you have. Thankfully, in recent years, the design of cat trees have become much more stylish, meaning that these can add to your home’s décor, rather than detracting from it. Contemporary, chic and modern, cat trees definitely have a place in every home. Plus, due to their vertical structure, they don’t actually take up much floor space.

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Cat Wheels

Prevent boredom and encourage exercise thanks to a cat wheel in your home. In recent years, cat wheels have become one of the top trends in cat accessories and we can’t say we’re surprised. A bigger version of a hamster wheel, these structures allow cats to endlessly run. Plus, they’re a winning option for notoriously active cat breeds such as Bengals, who have plenty of energy to burn. Cat wheels boast the advantage of suiting a wide range of room types, including smaller spaces.

When it comes to choosing a cat wheel, which is both perfect for your feline and your home, there are a range of options available. Firstly the open format wheel, this style of cat wheel runs on casters with the wheels situated under the track, which enables cats to enter from both sides. Their slim-line construction and open format makes them greatly versatile, allowing them to be placed and moved anywhere in the home, such as against a wall, meaning they don't actually require much space.

At Kittyglitz, we favour the open format wheel and have selected the Catswall Design Catwheel II as our premium quality open format wheel of choice. Handcrafted in MDF the wheel is sturdy and robust to provide your cat with exercise for many years to come whilst also being one of the safest cat wheels for your peace of mind. Plus given it's stylish aesthetic, it looks more like a piece of modern art, rather than cat furniture therefore perfectly complements the contemporary style of any home.

Secondly, bicycle hub format cat wheels are another option. Designed around a bicycle hub these wheels run silently compared to the open format wheel. The trade off being that they need to be mounted on a frame or a wall, making them much bulkier and therefore requiring more space. As well as this, this style only offers cats the ability to enter from one side. Plus, due to their need to be mounted, you need to strategically think about the placement of the wheel, avoiding for example radiators. And of course, once mounted, they cannot be easily moved.

This 2020, make it your new year’s resolution to ensure your feline friend is fit, active and entertained at all times.

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