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Can You Resist Ultimate Blend - Catnip and Silvervine Mix for Cats

Can You Resist Ultimate Blend - Catnip and Silvervine Mix for Cats


Can You Resist Ultimate Blend - Catnip and Silvervine Mix for Cats is just the thing for your feline catnip connoiseur!


This potent mix contains 28 grams of fresh, USA-grown organic catnip and silvervine, packaged in a reusable stainless steel tub for long-lasting purr-iety.


Watch your kitty go wild with this irresistible blend of two cat herb powerhouses:

  • Catnip: The classic kitty stimulant, known for its playful and energetic effects.
  • Silvervine (Japanese Matabi): A potent catnip alternative derived from finely ground silvervine fruit galls, often favored by cats who don't respond to traditional catnip.


Why choose Can You Resist Ultimate Blend?

  • Freshness guaranteed: Grown and processed with care, this blend delivers maximum potency for your cat's enjoyment
  • Double the fun: Two catnip favorites - catnip & silvervine, in one irresistible mix.
  • Long-lasting: Air-tight stainless steel tub keeps the blend fresh, potent and aromatic.
  • Reusable container: Store it, shake it, use it again! The clear top lets you check freshness and makes refilling easy.


Order yours today, your kitty will thank you for it!

  • Potent blend of organic catnip and silvervine dried herbs for cats
  • Packaged in a resealable stainless steel tub to retain freshness
  • Contains approximately 28 grams
  • Grown and harvested in the USA

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