Catswall Arched Scratching Post

Catswall Arched Scratching Post


Introducing the Arched Scratching Post from Catswall Design. This beautifully crafted wooden scratching post is built to last and at 3 feet tall is the perfect height to allow your cat to fully stretch out as they scratch.


It features 4 posts which are wrapped in quality, natural, un-coloured jute rope which is soft on paws and not prickly. There are eight surfaces on the four posts so cats can sharpen their claws from different angles and the modular design means you can simply replace worn scratching posts.


The main stand is in MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and sealed with a transparent furniture coating. 

The unique design features a sturdy base and hollow handles on top which makes it easy to pick up and move.


A rattan ball with a jingle bell inside hangs in the middle by an elastic spring for added interest.


Cats are naturally attracted to the feel of the tightly-wrapped rope, and won't be able to resist climbing the posts and attacking the bouncing ball!

  • Materials: MDF board, jute rope, rattan ball, PVC elastic spring


    Base Panel: 40 x 40 cm

    Height: 92 cm