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Profeline Furkicker - Lambskin Cat Kicker

Profeline Furkicker - Lambskin Cat Kicker


This has been replaced by the new Merino Huggy Cat Kicker


If you're looking for a sturdy cat kicker, look no further than the Profeline FurKicker - Lambskin Cat Kicker.


This extra large natural lambskin cat kicker is a superb stand alone cat toy for your kitty designed to give hours of crazy kicking and hugging fun.


It's extra large size is ideal for larger cat breeds like Maine Coons or Norwegian Forest Cats and cats that love to bunny kick as it's long enough to be gripped with all four paws and wide enough for a satisfying hug.


Made with 100% genuine lambswool the FurKicker is filled with organic wool and a special blend of high quality French catnip and valerian. Everything about this toy is geared up for your cat's total enjoyment.


The seductive scent of catnip & valerian and the soft lambskin will bring out the natural hunting instinct in your cat. With a length of 32 cm, the toy can be readily grasped for wrestling, hugging, biting and bunny kicking. With it's extra large size and sturdy construction you can rest assured that the FurKicker can take a good kicking! 


Colour - Natural cream.

Meaures approx 32 cm in length x 8 cm in width plus 27 cm fur tail with leather cord.


Pack includes one toy.

  • Natural lambskin cat kicker toy for individual play
  • Measures approx 32 cm
  • Premium French catnip and valerian herb filling
  • Made in the Germany
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