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Purrs Wild Hare Raiser Cat Wand Attachment Toy

Purrs Wild Hare Raiser Cat Wand Attachment Toy

SKU: PSM9030

Introducing the Purrs Wild Hare Raiser Cat Toy attachment for Purrs, Da Bird and Frenzy interactive cat wands - the perfect toy for cats who love to hunt and play!


Individually handmade using natural wild hare fur and turkey feather tails, this toy is one of the closest attachments you can get to natural prey.


With an interactive cat wand, you can bring the toy to life and watch as your feline friend dashes around the room, showing off their speed and agility. The Wild Hare Raiser cat toy will provide endless hours of entertainment and essential exercise for your cat. Get your paws on this must-have toy today!


The Wild Hare Raiser is made from 100% genuine wild hare fur, which is a by-product of welfare conservation control of free roaming wild hares living a natural outdoor life in Germany, Netherlands & Poland.


Wild European Hares have protected seasons so availability of this toy will vary dependant on the level of welfare conservation control needed. Due to the limited availability of wild hare fur, this is a more expensive product, but well worth the investment for the enjoyment of your feline friend.


As this is a natural product colours will vary and includes white, grey, brown, red brown in any combination.


Measures approx 24cm long cm and various widths with natural turkey feather tails.


Pack includes one toy.

  • Wild hare fur cat toy attachment for Frenzy, Purrs or Da Bird interactive cat wands
  •  Features natural turkey feather tails
  • Simulates natural prey to stimulate cats natural hunting instinct
  • Measures approximately 24cm in length
  • Made in the UK
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